Our moderators help us evolve and improve our products over time. Become a 'mod' for one of our products!

The Downthere Healthcare Moderator Program

Downthere.healthcare was founded on the principle of constant evolution. The Japanese call this ‘Kaizen’.

This means constant improvement of our products, with speed.

Itchy Butt cream, for example, may be completely different in the future to what it is today. As long as it is better.

But how will our users know if a testimonial is relevant to the current version of a product?

We solve this through our Moderator Program:  a group of dedicated community members who gain that status by providing feedback that leads to improvement in a product. The new and improved product is approved by existing moderators before we make it available to the public. Reviews by moderators will be displayed at the above product reviews by non-moderators, and will reflect the current version of the product.

If a change is not approved by existing moderators, but we believe it has merit, we will introduce it as a new product.

For their contributions, moderators also earn the right to lifetime access to the product, and the ability to gift products to friends and family.

To access the program, you must be an actual user of the product. This will be confirmed either via a purchase receipt, or via your registration for a free sample.

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