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How do I use Itchy Butt Cream?


Apply to irritated areas as often as required. Using Itchy Butt just before a trigger (e.g. having a bowel motion or taking a shower), and before going to bed (when you are most likely to scratch), is useful. Itchy butt protects and soothes irritated skin.

To cure your itchy butt, have a look at our article here which explains how anal itching is treated.

Pro Tip: Carry the tube in your pocket to ensure you have access to it during the day.


How does Itchy Butt Cream work?


At its core, Itchy Butt Cream is a skin protectant. Zinc, Coconut oil and Candelilla Wax coat the skin forming a barrier. Itchy Butt also contains a very specific quantity of camphor and mint essential oils which creates a specific amount of a cool-burn feeling. We use a small amount of glycerin as an emollient, and lecithin as a natural emulsifier.

There are about 20 different creams we know of for ‘anal itching’. These work in different ways. It pays to be aware of how your cream works so you can choose the right one. Possible active ingredients in other creams include steroids, antifungals, antiparasitics, local anaesthetics, skin protectants and anti-irritants. Other creams will also usually contain a combination of different preservatives, emulsifiers and texture modifiers.

If you’re interested in a comparison of these different creams, take a look here.

The cream looks like it has split. Is it still good to use?


Yes, the splitting is not a problem! Its a minor nuisance.

Itchy Butt is a natural product, with no artificial emulsifiers (An emulsifier is an additive used to keep the water and oil components mixed together). We have noticed that there will be some separation of the cream with time, and more so if the cream is cold. Keeping the tube in your pocket or around body temperature will help to soften the cream and reduce the splitting. At body temperature, mixing will emulsify the ingredients together again.

We are continuing R&D towards fixing this problem, but we will continue to abide by our development principles: avoid artificial ingredients, use ethical ingredients, avoid preservatives and use the bare minimum of additives.

In the mean time, continue to enjoy the product, and leave it to us to fix the product over time.


The cream has gotten grainy. Is it still good to use?


Yes. This is due to an issue with our manufacturing process. We are working through this with our manufacturer. As far as we can tell, cold temperatures may make the graininess worse. If you keep the tube in your pocket, or keep it somewhere warm, graininess will not be an issue.

Again, we are continuing R&D towards fixing this problem.